You better kill me now
What, you thought you could actually kill Lucifer? You simpering wad of insecurity and self loathing. No. You're just a human, Dean. Not much of one.

My name is Bryanna.

I went to Chicon 2013 for the first time ever and it was the greatest weekend of my life. Osric hugged me when I told him I loved him.

I like Supernatural and Rooster Teeth


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy


no but the winchesters in the big city. 

bunch of country boys i mean i want them to drive and get stuck in traffic and be all whiny and shit like i want it like air wtf.

i want them to walk on the sidewalks and get pushed around cuz they’re walking too slow, taking up too much space haha get out of the way people got places to be. 

want that city to eat them alive


how can vegetarians have any pudding if they don’t eat meat? 


have you ever loved a fictional character so much that whenever you see a picture of them your heart tingles and your vocal cords produce this awkward screeching noise that sounds a bit like a dying cat


group projects when no one knows what they’re doing


I survived the great Rooster Teeth move of 2014.

Strongly considering writing a Fake AH Crew fanfic with legit drama, but I don’t know.

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and I was gonna kill him, I was.